Anxiety and Fear

mountain-298999_1280-crop-fear quoteLiving in constant anxiety can be a nightmare, whatever the object of your fear. Maybe you are afraid of concrete things or situations, like dogs, heights, being out in the open, being in a crowd, speaking publicly, talking to people, or pretty much anything else. Maybe you have experienced a panic attack and are now terrified of it repeating. Maybe you feel constant, unclear anxiety in the background of anything you are doing. Or you are on alert all the time, expecting something bad to happen anytime soon.

Whichever kind of fear you struggle with, experiencing it day by day can be utterly draining. Fear takes away your energy, puts brakes on everything you are trying to do, plagues you with constant worry and visions of catastrophes. It makes it very hard to face the things you are afraid of. So you start to avoid them. But by avoiding them you limit your options in life. You don’t go to that party. You don’t accept that promotion. You don’t take that trip to a beautiful place. Fear begins to shrink and take over your life.

Sounds familiar? Anxiety and fear are very difficult feelings to live with. The good news is, there are many effective ways of overcoming them, whichever form they take. I can help you figure out what your fear is all about and where it comes from. I can also help you find ways of first limiting it’s influence on your life, and then, as you become stronger and better able to face it, to overcome it and free yourself from it. Each step of the way I will support you and help you develop ways of coping with your anxiety. You will decide how fast this process will go, what you are ready to face at any given moment – I will encourage you, but never try to convince or pressure you to do what you feel you are not ready to do. Together, step by step, we will look for a way out of your fear.

Courage is not the lack of fear. Courage is doing it despite the fear.

If you would like my help in overcoming your anxiety, get in touch with me to ask any questions you might have or to arrange the first meeting.