Childhood Trauma or Adversity

nature-669592_1280-cropChildhood is a very sensitive period and hurts we experienced then can influence our lives many years later. Whether you have experienced any type of abuse, emotional, physical or other, bullying, divorce or death of a parent, an illness or an accident, the unresolved emotions and memories connected with these events may still negatively impact your life today. They are like old wounds, which don’t really want to heal fully.

It is possible to clean and dress these wounds and let them heal through counseling. Sure, many of these wounds will leave a scar, but they will no longer cause you so much pain. You can regain control over your life and feelings and let your past stay in the past, while you focus your energies on the now and on the tomorrow.

It can be very scary and difficult to face some events from your past. The question is – are these events still causing you pain, after all these years? If yes, then they are unlikely to just stop on their own. Facing them can be painful while you do it, but if you heal the wounds, the pain will eventually subside. I will support you on this journey and help you learn new ways to cope, so that you can find in yourself the strength to heal yourself from those hurts.

If you would like me to help you heal these wounds, get in touch with me to ask any questions you might have or to arrange the first meeting.

Note: If your level of distress right now is very high and you have persistent suicidal thoughts, you need emergency care. As a private practitioner I cannot offer it, as I cannot guarantee I will always be reachable. If you need to talk to someone now, call your local suicide or trauma helpline. You can also find some numbers for psychological helplines in English and German languages here.