arrow-500749_1280Coaching is a way of helping you develop particular skills, resources and strengths and realize your potential. While counseling focuses on supporting the person in overcoming a psychological or emotional difficulty, coaching aims at assisting you in learning something new to enrich your life, to help you succeed at work, in your relationships or in your personal pursuits.

In coaching we work together to explore the aspect of yourself or of your life you would like to develop, to set realistic and clear goals and to look for methods and resources which will help us achieve it. Once we have a general plan, we start implementing those methods, and I as a coach support you in putting them to action, help you monitor their effectiveness and encourage you to keep going if going gets hard, as well as celebrate with you the big and small successes on the way.

Coaching can be useful for any type of psychological, emotional, professional, social or life skill you would like to develop. It can also be helpful if you are not sure what it is you would like to develop, but just feel that the way you live your life now is somehow "not enough" – in such case I can help you figure out what you feel is lacking in your life and find ways of making your life more meaningful and satisfying to you.

I specialize in the following areas of coaching:

Personal development coaching for individuals and groups

This type of coaching focuses on helping you realize your potential, learn more about yourself and grow personally. It can be especially helpful if you are looking to find more meaning and direction in your life, want to change your lifestyle, to have more balance and peace in your life, to feel more connected to the world and to others or to develop spiritually (in any kind of spirituality – I do not follow any organized religion and approach all spiritual traditions respectfully).

Personal development for couples

Personal growth on our own is one thing, but is it possible to grow together as a couple? Yes, it is. But it's not always easy. Everyday life has a way of rubbing against our sensitive spots, giving us a lot of stress and tension, which can then make it hard to really connect with your partner emotionally, leading to a buildup of tensions and resentments between you. Another difficult situation comes when one partner starts growing personally or undergoes a major change, which forces the other to adjust to a change they were not part of. Or it may be that both partners want to grow together, but don't know how to guide and balance this process. Or that both partners do grow, but not always with the same speed or in the same direction. In each of these cases coaching can help you better understand and guide the process of growing personally together.

Communication strategies for couples

The way you and your partner communicate has a lot of impact on the quality of your relationship. "Because you always...", "because you never...", "why won't you just listen to me?", "why can't you just...", yelling at each other, silent treatments, feeling misunderstood or even deliberately ignored, mounting feelings of resentment or desire for "vengeance" or "justice", passive-aggressive or hurtful comments, inability to reach a resolution of a quarrel – any of these sound familiar? If so, it might be that the ways you communicate within the couple have become toxic to your relationship. Through communication coaching I can help both of you identify unhelpful or even harmful strategies you might not even know you're using and replace them with clear, honest and genuine communication, which can help strengthen empathy, understanding and intimacy in your relationship.

Emotional intelligence coaching for individuals, couples and groups

Emotional intelligence is an ability to be aware of, understand and regulate your emotions. It is a skill anybody can learn, and I believe it should be nourished and developed from our earliest years. Sadly, as a culture we still pay more attention to helping our children develop intellectually than emotionally, and it was even more so the case when us, now adult, were children. As a result, many people do not know how to regulate their emotions and some even believe it is impossible, that emotions are this irrational, uncontrollable force that only serves to create havoc in our lives. Through emotional intelligence coaching you can learn how emotions really work, what important functions they have in our lives, minds, brains and bodies and how you can gain healthy control over your emotional life and experience emotional freedom and peace.

I also offer special emotional intelligence coaching for parents who would like to learn how to support the development of emotional intelligence in their children or who struggle with implementing the principles of peaceful parenting due to their own unregulated emotions.

Depression prevention for individuals and groups

One in six people in the developed world will suffer from clinical depression at some points in their lives. It has become the epidemic of our time. And although the treatments for it are developing, it still remains one of the most difficult psychological problems to heal from. However, the rich research on depression shows us also another possibility – that if we are willing to adjust our lifestyles to eliminate as many risk factors for depression as possible, and include the protective factors that the research has started to identify, we might protect ourselves from becoming part of this epidemic. Here I join my expertise as a counselor, psychologist and coach to help you analyze your current life and to figure out what you could change to lower the risk of becoming depressed in the future.

Solution-focused coaching for individuals

This is a general type of coaching, which focuses on the skill or resource you wish to develop or on finding the ways of overcoming a particular obstacle you encountered in your personal or professional life. During coaching we will explore the issue you bring and create an individual, practical and solution-oriented plan of tackling it.