Couple Communication

birds-368805_1280-crop-questionmarkNothing you say ever gets to him/her. You feel ignored or misunderstood. Every time you try to talk to each other about any problematic issue, it ends up in a quarrel. Hurtful things are said, voices are raised and no solution is reached.

Or maybe you barely talk to each other about things that really matter. Maybe your communication has become more about everyday stuff, like getting kids from school, going shopping or calling a plumber, than about who you are, what you feel, what you dream about. Maybe there is a deeper level of connection between the two of you that you both long for, but don’t know how to reach.

Communication within a relationship has direct impact on its quality. Things said, things left unsaid and things implied under the actual words can either build intimacy, or hurt and isolate.

I offer communication coaching for couples who have trouble communicating without conflict and to those who do communicate peacefully, but would like to take their intimacy, empathy and mutual understanding to a new level. I can teach you how to notice and prevent hurtful or unhelpful communication and how to communicate in a genuine, honest and empathic way.

If you would like to participate in couple communication coaching as a couple or in a group workshop, get in touch with me to ask any questions you might have or to arrange the first meeting. You can also read more about what coaching looks like and my coaching offer here.