Since you’re based in Germany, can the fees be paid by my German health insurance?

Unfortunately not. The German health system is very limited in the number of private therapists it works with, it also covers only chosen forms of therapy. My qualifications and approach do not fit their requirements. Some private insurers might cover private practictioner’s fees. If you’re privately insured, enquire with your provider. Counseling translates to German as Psychologische Beratung. If you need any specific information about my work or qualifications, get in touch with me.

How long does counseling take?

There is no rule. It all depends on the type of problem you come with, what your life looks like now and how much energy and mental resources do you have at your disposal the moment. I had clients who only came for 2, 3 sessions and some who continued to come for a couple of years. Childhood traumas and depression tend to need a longer time to process and heal. Probably the most common duration is 4-6 months, since this is the time the brain needs to rewire itself and make the changes we work on in counseling a permanent part of your thinking, feeling and being. But again, it all depends on your individual circumstances.

How often does counseling take place and how long does one session last?

The most usual arrangement is one hour per week, which allows a steady, consistent pace of work. However, if you feel you want to work more or less intensely, we can adjust the sessions to your needs, making them longer, shorter, more frequent or less frequent – we can discuss the possibilities in detail during the first free session. What is important is to keep the sessions reasonably regular (once a week, once a fortnight, once a month etc.), since regularity helps the therapeutic change become stable and enduring.

Do you work with children?

I am not currently qualified to work therapeutically with children or to advise parents whose child struggles with psychological problems. I do, however, offer emotional intelligence coaching for parents who would like to learn more about supporting their child’s emotional development or who struggle with their own strong emotions towards their children. I also offer support for parents who already are or would like to start implementing the principles of peaceful parenting in their relationship with their child.

When and how can I quit counseling/coaching?

You can quit counseling or coaching at any time you wish, without having to give any reasons for it. I only ask that you inform me that you would like to quit, so that I know you will no longer be coming. You can also take a break from therapy and come back to it later. Ideally counseling ends when you feel satisfied with the changes in your life and well-being and the problem you came with no longer bothers you.

I would appreciate if you could give me some feedback about our work together and whether you found it helpful at the end of your counseling or coaching.