First session

The first session is free. It is a chance for you to tell me about your issue, to learn more about me and my way of working and to decide if  you would like to start counseling or coaching with me. There is no obligation to do so, if you decide not to do it we will simply not arrange the next session.

Individual online counseling and coaching

I have a sliding fee scale, which means that you can decide how much from the given range you can pay, basing on your financial resources. The fees can also be adjusted later on, if your financial situation changes. I aim too keep my fees as low as possible, to make psychological help accesible to as many people as possible.

  • 35-50€ for an hour of video call

  • 45-60€ for 1.5 hour of video call

  • 35-50€ for an hour of chat

If you pay for 4 sessions in advance you get a 5€ discount for each session! Which means the minimal fees are as follows:

  • 30€ for an hour of video call (120€ total)

  • 40€ for 1.5 hour of video call (160€ total)

  • 30€ for an hour of chat (120€ total)

Video calls and chats use a secure, encrypted program to protect confidentiality (see here). Fees should be paid before session by bank transfer or Paypal. Please get in touch with me for details.