Managing Difficult Changes

Each change, even a positive and welcome one, has in it some risk, a bit of the unknown, and some grief over what is left behind. And when the change is big, happens suddenly, is for the worse or unwanted, or when you find yourself ill prepared for it, it can throw your life into chaos. It can feel like nothing is where it should be, like you no longer have control over what used to be familiar and stable.

Whether it’s moving to a new country, starting or ending a job, retiring, getting married or divorced, becoming a parent or changing your lifestyle, change can feel overwhelming at times

and can bring with it a lot of different, often contradictory emotions. Relief and fear, excitement and grief, hope and worry can all simmer and mix inside you at the same time.

I can help you take a deeper look at the change you’re undergoing and the impact it has on your life, so that you would be able to sort out the feelings, the events and your reactions and see more clearly what you need to do to make this change easier and more manageable. I will also support you in coping with difficult emotions and developing the concrete resources and skills you might need to manage the change and regain the sense of control of your life.

If you would like my help in coping with the change in your life, get in touch with me to ask any questions you might have or to arrange the first meeting.