Online Therapy and Coaching

hands-545394_1280I offer online therapy through a video call or through a chat. The video call usually takes place once a week and lasts for an hour. The video call session is very similar to a face-to-face meeting – we can see each other, hear our voices and communicate freely. The chat option means that we communicate through writing messages back and forth in a chat window for an hour. This means our talk goes a little bit slower and it might be harder to understand the emotion or intent behind a written message without seeing the face and hearning the voice. The chat may be a good option if you feel shy about talking to a counselor or have some concrete questions to ask. Both options are available through the same program, so you can easily switch between them, if you choose to.

Pros and cons of online therapy/coaching

Online therapy can be a convenient choice if you live in a remote area or abroad, where you cannot access counseling in your language easily, as well as when you don’t want to spend time commuting to a session. It can also be useful if you have mobility issues or find it hard to leave home for other reasons, for example anxiety. Some people enjoy being able to take part in sessions from the comfort of their own home and find it easier to make time for an online session in their schedule. Online sessions are also cheaper, since the fee does not include rent and transport costs (see the fees here).

On the other hand, online therapy can feel less personal than a face-to-face one, especially if we decide to use the chat, where we cannot see each other’s body language and hear the tone of voice. That might make it harder for you to feel understood by me, and for me to recognize how you currently feel and understand your emotions properly, which means I will ask you more direct questions about them. You will need to make sure you have a private place and time during which you will not be interrupted. We might also encounter some technical difficulties, which may sometimes disrupt our sessions.

Who can use online therapy

Online therapy may not be the right choice if you are currently in crisis, feel very distressed, have suicidal thoughts, or when you suffer from a psychiatric condition. In such case I would encourage you to seek a local therapist, who can provide face-to-face support. If you are in crisis now, call your doctor, your local helpline or one of these helplines.

Confidentiality and data protection

To keep our sessions confidential I use an encrypted communication platform called VSee for video calls and chats. This program encrypts the data to prevent third parties from accessing our communication. To participate in online therapy with me, you will need to download and install VSee on your computer. The sign-up process is simple and free. If you need more detailed instructions on installing VSee, please get in touch with me.