Self-Awareness and Personal Development

awakening-676386_1280Whether you would like to simply learn more about who you are, or whether there is a concrete aspect of your personality, skill or inner resource you would like to develop, I can offer you psychological knowledge and tools to do just that. Through coaching we can explore any area of psychological, emotional, social or spiritual functioning you would like to nourish and develop. Some examples of resources you might want to work on include:

  • developing emotional intelligence to be able to understand and regulate your emotions
  • exploring yourself – your personality, your worldview, your beliefs about yourself and others, your needs and goals, in order to grow personally and realize your untapped potential
  • becoming more aware – today’s fast paced world does not usually grant us time to reflect deeply on ourselves and our lives; in coaching you will have an opportunity to pay attention to your inner world and become more aware of who you are, what you want and what qualities you can offer to the world
  • developing concrete skills for use in personal and professional life – becoming more patient, more assertive, more creative, more resilient to stress etc.
  • developing wisdom, acceptance, gratitude and kindness as a way of living an emotionally healthy life

If you would like to participate in coaching to grow personally, get in touch with me to ask any questions you might have or to arrange the first meeting. If you would like to learn more about what coaching looks like, you can check it out here.